IGNITE Rockford

Our goal is to help YPs (young professionals) feel connected to and engaged with their city.

What’s IGNITE?

IGNITE is the region’s young professional group and is a part of the Rockford Chamber of Commerce. IGNITE members do not have to be Rockford Chamber of Commerce members to join, but IGNITE members are always welcome to learn more about being a Rockford Chamber of Commerce member. 
Our mission is to attract and retain young professionals to the Rockford region. We do this by connecting and engaging young professionals with leadership, professional and personal development and volunteer opportunities. Whether we help you find a great place to get your hair cut, find a local restaurant to bring your family to, a great organization to serve on their board or volunteer with, or new friends and business connections – we’re all about making you feel at home.
IGNITE’s program is suitable for individuals between the ages of 21-40; however, all are welcome in our group! Young professionals can  be found in a wide variety of careers and IGNITE is not limited to any specific line of work. Our group is full of diversity and we would love to keep it that way! 

Professional Development


Learn About IGNITE Cup

IGNITE CUp is IGNITE’s premiere summer event series designed to engage young professionals with on another and in the Rockford region.
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