Event Begins April 20th 2017


IGNITE Cup is a summer-long event series designed to engage young professionals in the Rockford region while kickin’ the competition’s butt. Teams of 10 compete in various events throughout the summer to earn points to win the coveted IGNITE Cup.


Included in Registration: (Please note there are minimum and maximum number of team members that can participate in each event.)

  • IGNITE Cup Kick Off | April 20 | Greenfire
  • Bowling | May 3 | Don Carter Lanes
  • Game Night | May 16 | University Club of Rockford
  • Downtown Scavenger Hunt | June 3 | Starting point: Rockford Art Deli
  • Frisbee Golf | June 20 | Anna Page Park
  • Rockford Chamber of Commerce Founder’s Day Block Party | July 13 | Downtown Rockford
  • Canoe Battleship | July 19 | YMCA (downtown)
  • Trivia Night | August 7 | Location TBA
  • Closing Ceremonies | August 25 | Nygren Wetlands


All participants must complete a waiver as well as registration. For all the details, click on the links below!

Thursday, April 20 | 5:30-7:30pm |

Greenfire (Rockford) Maximum Players: NA Minimum Players: 1

It’s Kick-Off Time! We need at least one representative from your team (preferably your team captain) to attend our Kick-Off After 5. This is your chance to meet the other teams, size up the competition, ask questions and have fun! Please note: T-shirts may not be available at this year’s kick-off. We’ll send out more information as the event gets closer.

Rockford Float Club1760
Sunk Your Battleship1516
PCT 2.01294
Hodgepodge Heroes1062
Blackhawk Watchdogs997
Hold My Bear843
Newton’s 4th Law645
Ballers & Scholars635
A Team Has No Name590
Super Heroes In Training575
Loan Rangers566
WIPFLI's Bad Assets455
We Thought This Was Speed Dating392

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IGNITE Cup 2017
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IGNITE Cup 2017
IGNITE Cup 2017
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I’m new to town and don’t really know anyone. 

Can I still participate in IGNITE Cup?

YES! We’d love to have you! IGNITE Cup teams are a mix of people – some are friends, some co-workers, and some are future-friends (aka, strangers). If you’re new to town (or even if you’re not!) and want to get to know the city and make friends in the process, IGNITE Cup is for you.

We will put you on a great team with an engaged captain who will make sure it’s a great experience for you. No awkward “I don’t know anyone” moments here!

I can’t make all of the events. 

Can I still participate?

YES! Actually, it’s better if you can’t make them all! Each event has a minimum and maximum number of players for each team. So, not everyone will be able to participate in every single event. That takes the pressure off of you and lets you do what’s best fits in your schedule and area of interest. Work it out with your team captain.

So what sort of things qualify for bonus points?

Pretty much anything. Take a picture of you and a teammate (or multiple teammates) out and about in Rockford. You could be going for a run through Rock Cut, shopping at Culture Shock, doing yoga downtown – whatever! Just make sure you’re participating in something with another team member, snap a picture, throw it on Facebook, tag your team (#YourTeamName) and you’re good to go! We’ll do the rest on the backend.

So, all of this for $40?

YES! The cost per person is $40 which includes all of the events as well as a T-shirt. A few things to keep in mind, however. Foot Golf will require a $25 deposit per ball used, but you’ll get it back if you don’t wreck or lose the ball. But be prepared with the $25 at the event. You’ll also need to register for our Closing Ceremonies (Dinner on the Dock this year!) in advance to receive a complimentary dinner and a drink ticket. We’ll keep you updated with deadlines. Beyond that, you’re on your own for beverages (cash bar) at events.