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Youth Advocate 


Youth Advocates provide services to students with disabilities and their families who require information, referral, self-advocacy training, or peer support to ensure that they receive a fair and equitable education so they can achieve their full potential during their school years and as they transition to adult life. Youth Advocates facilitate regularly scheduled Parent Workshops on a variety of topics related to special education.

We believe everyone has the right to achieve their full potential and this starts with a solid education. RAMP works with students and their families to learn the laws that protect the rights of a student with a disability, how to navigate the maze of community services, and to learn the skills required to achieve their goals.


Services Provided:

  • Educational rights training
  • Self-Advocacy Skills training
  • Transition Planning guidance
  • Assistance with letter writing
  • Attendance at IEP, 504 or other related meetings
  • Information & Referral
  • Peer Support
  • Independent Living Skills training
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